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Why The Ultra Rich Playboys Choose Luxemburg as a Billionaire Tax Haven

Summary: When many people think of tax havens, the first picture that comes to their mind is Luxemburg. It’s a small country in the European Union with a very small population, yet very rich. Its wealth has been attributed to the fact that the country offers lesser tax burden, compared to other countries in the European Union, a reason why all billionaires are heading that way. Luxemburg is a city under attack from other countries, because of its lower taxes and bank secrecy.


Luxembourg is amongst the affluent states in Europe, which is also referred to as a tax haven for the rich. It is the least populated country compared to others in the European Union, being a home to only 465,000 inhabitants. It is also the 20th smallest country of all 194 independent states in the world. Even with its small size and low population, it has been ranked as one of the richest, with many billionaires from over the globe choosing to live in the state and invest there because of tax benefits.

Why Luxemburg?

The economy in this state has been doing great for a long time. It’s GDP (gross domestic product) is higher than in Germany by 30%, which is distinguished by reduced unemployment, substantial stability, and low inflation. This is perhaps one of the reasons investors have decided to follow route to this state, with about 3,000 joint-stock organizations having their financial management in the country.

Even though the ultra rich gentlemen may currently frequent the hotspots of London with the ultra glamorous Knightsbridge & Chelsea escorts, with their stunning looks and stunning bodies, smart billionaires prefer to keep their money away from the hands of the British government and they chose Luxembourg is because it offers low tax burden, compared to other countries in the European Union. What’s more, bank secrecy is highly valued here and confidentiality is only compromised when you have criminal records, or you are under investigation. This has attributed to significant growth of the economy after many investors, particularly steel companies and tourism sector, investing in the country. In fact, according to latest rankings, the country is undisputed leader, when it comes to attracting investors worldwide. It takes the first position in the European financial market.

Large international companies such as FedEx, Pepsi, IKEA, and 340 others have secured secret deals from this state, allowing them to slash their tax bills globally, while at the same time maintaining little presence in the country.

It appears that many billionaires have channeled billions of dollars through the country and more in taxes. There are some instances where it has been leaked that the wealthy have enjoyed effective and low tax rates of less than 1% on their profits.


Bank Secrecy Has Worked Just Great

For decades, bank secrecy has played a major role in the prosperity of Luxemburg. This, according to numerous reports accounts for the country being a leading center of investment funds in Europe. Just like Austria and Belgium, the country law prohibits banks from identifying client’s data to the outside world, unless there are proven criminal responsibilities.

However, it’s only recently when the country considered dropping some of the bank secrecy after pressure and attack from the France, US, and other countries. This will not be affected this year though. According to the agreement, bank secrecy will end in 2017.

All in all, there’s no doubt that Luxemburg has enjoyed massive investments from the wealthy, with many multi-international companies deciding to go there, due to its tax benefits. Numerous rich individuals have also enjoyed stashing their money in banks in this country, because of their secrecy and less tax burden, which is not the same as their home countries.

Luxury Travel of the Future Is All About Going Local

The luxury trend of the future will go local. People want to experience adventure and alternate ways of living by immersing themselves in the local culture. Why going local is becoming the Luxury trend of the future.

luxury trends of future

Tourism is moving away from the traditional expectation of a vacation. Vacations do not simply mean people have to spend days strolling on the white sandy beaches, while staying in a five star hotel. Trends show that luxury travel of the future will move away from the generic tourism packages.

Already most travel agents are responding to this trend, and a number of them in future will take time to understand you and try to figure out packages that will work for you. The latest trend in luxury travel is experiential travel. This is where people are looking for unique experiences during their vacations.

Social Media Influence

One of the biggest drivers of experiential travel is social media. Some psychologists have noted that social media has a powerful effect on consumer behavior, and it is driven by what they refer to as ‘psychology of envy’. Instagram is one platform where the ‘psychology of envy’ has influenced the rapid uptake of luxury brands by the middle class.

Social media has forced vacationers to seek new experiences, when they go on a vacation. People want to have something cool to share on Instagram and other social media platforms. Cookie cutter tourist packages are therefore becoming less appealing.

Going Local

One thing that seems to appeal to many tourists is immersing themselves in local culture and lifestyle. Tourists are looking to experience the alternate lifestyles that many people in different parts of the world are experiencing.

One of the most sought after experience is food and cuisine. This is particularly common for people heading over to exotic destinations. Hotels have arrangements that ensure that tourists experience the local cuisine and have a wide range of foods ready.

Some resorts have arrangements where the visitors can cook. Tutorials and cooking classes are available for those who would like to learn how to make exotic foods and take the skills gained back home with them.


Sentimental Appeal

Some tourists may just want to have the experience in an exotic location for sentimental reasons. For example, wine tasting in the vineyards of Southern France. Even though wine tasting can happen anywhere, these locations make the experience more authentic.

Hotels are sourcing their foods from local areas. The 6 mile radius rule is being adopted by some resorts. This means that food and all ingredients will be sourced within an approximately 6 mile radius. The energy consumption in these resorts will be metered for every person staying there.

The AirBnB start-up has been one of the companies, which has responded to the alternate experience trend. In turn, many people are now considering living with a real family in a real home, rather than staying in a hotel room throughout vacation. Leaving this way helps people to understand local culture much better.

The luxury travel of the future trend is about personalization and offering unique experiences, when it comes to travel and vacationing. Therefore travel agents and hotels have to be authentic to ensure that the packages they offer are appealing to their prospects.

Cannes, Celebs & Models: How They Spend Their Time in Cannes

Cannes is popular for the Film festival that is held there annually. The fun and excitement during this time is matchless. When the Film premier ends, celebrities retire to their hotels and ditch their gowns and tuxedos, ready to take on the party till the next morning. They attend various bars, lounges, and yacht parties behind the scene. Cannes, celebs & models, movie stars, and special entertainers such as high class London escorts, and what activities they do whenever they attended the famous Cannes Film Festival.


Cannes Film Festival 2015


Everyone Knows Cannes as one of the world’s most famous festival, where celebrities gather during the event and get involved in all kinds of activities in the name of fun and excitement. As much as we love the red carpet scene in this city, we cannot deny the undeniable glamorous that the annual festival holds. The City is planted in the beach side of south France, and attracts who is who of Hollywood, entertainment, and fashion. The most stylish stars of the film industry usually decamp to France to be part of the famous festival.

You wouldn’t miss bumping onto your favourite movie stars, as they get a piece of Cannes limelight. If they are not soaking up the sun at one of the world’s best beaches, then they are glued at one of the clubs and joints all over the town. Most even go for escort services and get gorgeous beauties to accompany them wherever they go.

Party Time in Cannes

Partying goes hand in hand with being a celebrity. In Cannes, it’s even more glamorous. Many party joints, which include beaches, lounges and bars, are decorated in readiness for the ever-ending party in the town. It all starts at lunchtime and goes all the way to the next day in the morning. One of the popular places is the famous Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez, situated in a prime location overlooking the Bay of Cannes, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. During the festival, it’s almost impossible for you to get in, if you don’t appear regularly in the gossip magazine pages.

When the screenings are done and the celebs return to their hotels, they immediately ditch their tuxedos and designer gowns and head to Le Gotha, a nightclub that is situated within the Palm Beach Casino. Here renowned musicians from both the US and Europe rock the party with amazing live performances. If the party doesn’t end there, then it progresses to Le Baoli, a Cannes hotel that usually plays host to after-parties during the festival time.

And The Night Gets Even Better…..

While the film festival has become quite famous for images of the elite and celebrities, who arrive suing private jets and yachts for the star-studded movie premiers, what happens behind the scenes is what makes up the real drama. Escort services and companions usually do great come the festival time. Do you know that they make a whopping $40,000 a night? Well, this isn’t a surprise considering how celebrities love to party and have a great time, after all this festival comes once in a year.

Gorgeous babes ranging from what Cannes residents call “putes de luxes’ take control of the night, charging a minimum of $4,000 a night, with streetwalkers going for around $75 an hour. They run from full-time escorts, to beauty queens, to models, and they offer their services to celebrities in hotels, palatial villas, and hotels. Those who wish to take their party to the waters, even get a better treat. Every boat in Cannes has around 10 models, who are usually models posing nude or half nude for the guests.